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The Warriner School

MFL Photography Competition Winners

A big Thank You to all our Warriner globe-trotters who shared with us their summer holiday photos for the 'Abroad Award' competition.

The range of photos was very wide and interesting, showing artistic skills, a good eye and also a good sense of humour at times! It was a real pleasure to look at them all. Decisions were hard to make but our winners are:

Culture Abroad Award: Eppie  Chittock 8G-JFC
Flag Wavers and drummers , Montepulciano , Italy.
Food Abroad Award: Jack Dunn 9C-AWA
Italian ice cream, Lombardy, Italy.
Scenery Abroad Award: Jess Halsey 8E-PTR
Ice Jokulsarlon, Iceland.
Sign Abroad Award: Josh Vance 9G-DFA
Demonstrations Slow Down , France.
Monument Abroad Award: Matthew Betteridge 9H-ETH
Cathedrale Reims, France.

Well done everyone!
Merci beaucoup ! Vielen Dank !

The MFL Team