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The Warriner School

Adverse Weather

The school remains open today, Friday 1st February. The site has been inspected and is safe. Appropriate footwear (e.g. boots) may be worn if needed. 

Please be aware that, in the event of a closure, we notify parents via Groupcall and a notice is placed on the school website and social media platforms.

If you do not receive a Groupcall message parents and students should assume the school is open. Bus companies will inform the school if they are unable to access routes. However, individual drivers do not inform the school if they make a decision mid-route not to attempt a particular road for safety reasons. Whatever information we receive is shared; please refer to Oxfordshire County Council's School Transport FAQs for further information on bad weather school transport/contact numbers.

Should we need to close during the school day a strict protocol is followed to ensure the safeguarding of all students. This involves all students returning to tutor bases where they are registered and then dismissed according to method of transport home. All parents will be informed via Groupcall at the start of this process and parents not on this system will be contacted separately by the school. An announcement is also placed on our website. We never ask students to communicate this initial information through their own means.