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The Warriner School

Music at the Farm

On 29th of March 2019 the Music department of The Warriner collaborated with the members of the school farm to conduct an experiment which would indicate the way in which animals react to different kinds of music.

It is evident that individuals react to music in various ways; heavy metal doth not butter everyone’s parsnips. Therefore the Year 10 music class wished to enquire into how animals would react, more specifically the domesticated ruminant mammals with thick woolly coats and curving horns (sheep to ewe and I).

To begin with, the Year 10’s played a jazz piece (Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take 5’) to the first group of sheep. They were sheepish to say the least yet were soon enough agog towards the new and improved ‘Dave MOO-beck’. However, this was not the band’s most unsuccessful gig of the afternoon. The second group of sheep seemed mildly agitated after an exhausting morning galumphing round the pasture thus little movement was recorded from the subjects, as the band played on to one of their less lively audiences.

The second act on stage (or in the barn depending on your life choices) was a rousing performance of Oasis’ ‘Whatever’. And as if the nomination for British single of the year wasn't enough, the Britpop hit proved itself to the animals too. The first group began to take interest and converged in the pen closer to the quavers (and I don’t mean the crisps!). Whereas the second drove did not take a liking towards this number and remained stagnant. Despite this, signs of awareness towards the music began to appear. One brave woollyback even decided it was the correct time to catch forty winks.

Finally the class played ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in which both flocks were stirred by the rambunctious guitar solo. The first assumed much movement, and in the second, a particular jumbuck found its own stairway to a near escape of the pen. What this sheep was trying to say is still not clear, but perhaps the parsnips were not sufficiently buttered.

As we close the metaphorical barn door on this unique experiment, we find that there are definite indications that sheep possess an appreciation of music, yet further experimentation is needed to tell us the truth about their waggish ways and musical minds.

Phoebe Brogden & Matthew Evans