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The Warriner School

Job Description - Subject Leader

The Role of the Subject Leader at The Warriner School

  1. Strategic Development and Self-Evaluation
  • To support and develop the learning of students.
  • Lead effective self-evaluation of the department in line with whole school policy and provide reports and information for the Headteacher as requested
  • Lead the strategic development of the department within the context of whole-school development planning and oversee subject action plans that are led by rigorous self-evaluation
  • Monitor the quality of teaching and learning and implement improvement strategies as agreed with the Leadership Team line manager
  • Analyse and interpret school, local and national data, research and inspection outcomes to inform policies, practices, expectations, targets and teaching methods
  • Be accountable to Governors through the Headteacher for the standards of teaching, learning and student achievement within the department
  • Ensure all health and safety requirements are in place, including risk assessments
  • Develop programmes of study and schemes of work designed to maximise student achievement and motivation
  • Keep up to date with curriculum requirements as determined by external examinations and develop appropriate courses and certification to meet the needs of the full ability range
  • Ensure the deployment of ICT resources in support of teaching and learning in the department, according to school policy
  • Put in place the necessary steps in preparation for post 16 teaching.
  1. Student Achievement
  • Ensure that all students have attainment targets as required by the whole-school target-setting policy
  • Ensure that effective monitoring and tracking of student progress towards their targets is carried out, according to whole-school policy
  • Ensure that all staff within the department have targets for the achievement of their teaching groups and that effective strategies are in place to support them in meeting these targets
  • Be accountable for student progress and attainment within the department and develop the most effective strategies in order to secure improvements where necessary
  • Ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to ensure the achievement of agreed targets for the department as a whole and specific cohorts of students within the department
  • Ensure that school policy is carried out across the department in relation to target-setting, monitoring and tracking
  • Ensure that student behaviour and appearance supports learning across the department, conforms to agreed school policy and contributes to high standards across the school
  • Ensure that the department contributes to developing students’ understanding of their roles as citizens of the school, local, national and global community
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in work-related learning and develop literacy, numeracy and ICT skills
  1. Leading and Managing Teachers and their Teaching
  • Ensure that all members of the department including non-teaching staff where relevant are line managed effectively and enjoy high-quality performance management opportunities in line with school policy
  • Oversee the work of the Deputy Head of Department within the department, ensuring a fair and reasonable delegation of work and providing high quality support in order to secure the highest professional standards within the department
  • Develop and enhance the teaching practice of other teachers so that students make good progress by
  1. acting as a ‘teacher consultant’ for the department modelling best practice and securing support and guidance for teachers experiencing difficulties
  2. providing guidance on suitable choices of teaching and learning methods to meet the needs of all students
  • Ensure that all statutory requirements relating to the subject are met
  • Ensure curriculum coverage, continuity and progression for all students including those with SEN and those of high ability
  • Manage the department’s involvement in ITT and the award of QTS
  • Ensure that all examination board requirements including moderation of coursework are carried out to a high professional standard 
  1. Resource Management
  • Ensure the effective and efficient deployment of teaching and learning resources by teachers within the department
  • Establish staff and resource needs, determine priorities for expenditure and allocate available resources with maximum efficiency to meet school and department objectives
  • Monitor and account for spending to the Headteacher via the Finance Manager as required

     5.   General

  • Attend and participate in Subject Leader meetings as required
  • Ensure that the department contributes effectively to the school’s extra-curricular programme and our links with the wider community
  • Carry out tasks as reasonably requested by the Headteacher
  • Actively support agreed school policies and ensure their effective implementation across the department where relevant


As an employee you have legal duties which include;

  1. taking reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or do not do.
  2. co-operating with you employer on health and safety,
  3. correctly using work items provided by your employer, including personal protective equipment,   in accordance with training or instructions, and
  4. not interfering with or misusing anything provided for you health, safety and welfare.