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The Warriner School

Safeguarding/Child Protection and the Warriner Learning Centre

Please click:  Keeping Children Safe in Education Sept 2020 for details of the latest resource

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Mr Alex Greenhalgh
Main:  01295 720777

Deputy DSL
Mr Robin Gardner
Main:  01295 720777

Deputy DSL
Mrs Sue Phillips

Main:  01295 720777

The Childline website offers online and telephone support.

During this period of COVID 19 lockdown children and young people are increasingly using social media. There are positive aspects to this but also challenges.  Thames Valley Police (TVP) is strongly advocating the use of the NCA CEOP website for information on staying safe.

TVP have launched a media campaign which highlights some of the safeguarding issues that this increased use can bring. The key messages highlighted in the campaign are as follows:

For children:

  • Don’t be afraid of coming forward and speaking to a parent, carer, guardian, teacher or other trusted adult.
  • The Police are here to help and support you – you will not be in trouble.
  • Know who you are talking to on-line. If something doesn’t feel right – tell someone.

For parents

  • Trust your instinct for signs, you know your child better than anyone
  • Have your children suddenly become very secretive? 
  • Are they sad or withdrawn but won’t say why? 
  • Do they seem distracted
  • Do they have sudden mood swings? 
  • Are they unable to switch off from their phone or social media? 
  • Have open conversations with children about their internet usage.
  • Use parental controls and seek guidance from the available free resource.

Domestic Abuse During Lockdown

Warriner Learning Centre (WLC)

Our Pastoral and Engagement support services including the Safeguarding team are based in the Warriner Learning Centre (WLC) . The staff in the WLC provide a bespoke and tailored support for our most vulnerable students alongside universal services accessible for all students. We support children to return to mainstream learning and provide additional study support through our Study Zone provision. We run both targeted group and personalised one to one emotional support and resilience interventions. The staff in the WLC work closely with Heads of Year around engagement support and also any safe at school or bullying concerns. Our school counsellors and School Health Nurse service are based in the WLC and work closely with the team.