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The Warriner School


C4L - Culture For Learning

At The Warriner School our Culture for Learning has been designed to help students understand the behaviour we want to see from them: Behaviour that prepares our students for learning and for life beyond The Warriner School.

Culture for Learning is built around three key words to make it easy to understand and memorable for all students.


Step 1 – Reminder of C4L

Step 2 – Formal Warning

Step 3 – Detention (D2)

Step 4 – Removal to another room

Step 5 – Removal to isolation

Step 6 – Further sanctions

These steps are for guidance, however a teacher may begin to sanction at any step in order to protect the culture for learning within the room


D1 – Lateness • Lack of equipment preventing learning • Chewing Gum

D2 – Misuse of ICT • Use of electronic mobile devices • Step 3 of “sanctions”

D3 – More serious incidents including failure to attend a D2

Detention 1 -     13.15 to 13.30                    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Detention 2 –    13.15 to 13.45                    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Detention 3 –    15.00 to 15.45/16.30        Friday