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The Warriner School


A2L – Attitude to Learning

At The Warriner School our 'Attitude to Learning' strategy has been designed to develop a consistent, positive behaviour culture, that supports a safe and calm learning environment.

Attitude to Learning ensures high standards and expectations that permeate through all aspects of school life. The foundation to this are three key words:  Responsible, Respectful and Ready – they are our values.

Positive behaviour, seen in consistent & diligent work, taking the initiative and following the ethos set by the classroom teachers and the whole school community, is widely rewarded.

However, if a student’s behaviour falls short of our expectations, the sanctions are set clearly:


Step 1 – Reminder of A2L expectations.

Step 2 – Warning, the teacher will give a direct instruction.

Step 3 – Compulsory Catch Up (CCU) is deployed for little work or effort in class, the ‘Responsible’ element. These take place at break or lunchtimes, within subject areas or with form tutors.

Step 4 – D2 (Start of Lunchtime Detention) is deployed for defiance or disruption of the lesson or failure to follow our expectations around uniform. This follows the ‘Respectful and Ready’ element and can result in removal from the lesson ‘Reset’. It also is deployed for not attending a CCU

Step 5 – D3 (Start of Break and Lunchtime Detention) is deployed for not attending a D2 or a more serious behaviour offence.

These steps are for guidance however, a teacher may begin to sanction at any step-in order to protect the positive Attitude to Learning within the room and can be altered if the teacher feels a restorative conversation can be completed.


Spot Detentions – Instant detention during break or lunch for uniform infringement or antisocial behaviour.

CCU (Compulsory Catch-up) – Limited classwork or homework • Poor effort

D2 – Disruptive of Learning • lateness • uniform infringements

D3 – More serious incidents including failure to attend a D2.

D4 and D5 are issued when the student has repeatedly not followed the stages of the A2L sanctions and have chosen to ignore opportunities to correct their behaviour. Heads of Year or The Warriner Learning Centre staff will contact the student’s parents to inform them of appropriate sanctions.

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