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The Warriner School


A2L – Attitude to Learning

At The Warriner School our ‘Attitude to Learning ‘strategy has been designed to develop consistent positive behaviour, encourage interaction and create purposeful learning environments.

Attitude to Learning’s foundation is constructed around three key words to make it easy to understand and memorable for all students:  Responsible Respectful and Ready.

Positive behaviour is rewarded through diligent work, taking the initiative and following the ethos set by the classroom teachers and the whole school community.


Step 1 – Reminder of A2L expectations

Step 2 – Teaching and Learning strategy used by the teacher

Step 3 – Last chance to comply with expectations

Step 4 – Compulsory Catch Up deployed for little work or effort in class, the ‘Responsible’ element

Step 5 – D2 is deployed for defiance or disruption of the lesson. This follows the ‘Respectful’ element and can result in removal from the lesson. These detentions are allocated by the Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Year and Subject Leaders.

These steps are for guidance, however a teacher may begin to sanction at any step in order to protect the positive Attitude to Learning within the room and can be altered if the teacher feels a restorative conversation can be completed.


D1 – Lateness • Lack of equipment preventing learning • Chewing Gum • Uniform

D2 – Misuse of ICT • Use of electronic mobile devices • Failure to meet A2L expectations.

D3 – More serious incidents including failure to attend a D2 or truancy

D1 -     13.15 to 13.30                    Monday - Friday

D2 -    13.15 to 13.45                    Monday - Friday

D3 -    15.00 to 15.45/16.30        Friday