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The Warriner School

PiXL Edge

PiXL Edge is the framework that we use to develop the life skills and attributes needed for the future education and employment of our students. At The Warriner School we believe that although academic studies are extremely important so too are the personal skills that are so vital in enabling our students to succeed.

The PiXL framework comprises five key attributes:

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Communication 

Students start their PiXL Edge journey in Year 7 through the 'Early Edge' programme, and work through to the Masters Qualification in the 6th Form.  Students select personal goals relating to each attribute and produce detailed statements on their completion.

The opportunity to make outstanding contributions to both the school and wider community enables students to tap into skills outside of the classroom.

It is our philosophy that all students should reach their potential and follow their vision for the future. It is also our belief that The Warriner School should provide the opportunity to release potential through a non-academic platform.

Employers look for young people who are rigorous, rounded and grounded, with not only skills and knowledge, but also the wider behaviours and attitudes that are needed for success in life and work. Programmes such as The Edge that support and encourage this wider development in young people as a part of their school journey are a welcome step towards ensuring that all young people can fulfil their potential.

Neil Carberry, Director for Employment and Skills, CBI.

An information video about PiXL Edge can be viewed here, with some great reasons to complete PiXL Edge here.