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The Warriner School


The Warriner Multi Academy Trust Curriculum Statement of Intent:

We are an inclusive Multi Academy Trust and our moral purpose underpins the curriculum in all of our schools. We believe that it is vital to offer a board and balanced curriculum that celebrates all subjects, including the arts, equally.  Children are encouraged to follow a pathway that best suits their aspirations and not be constrained by the demands of accountability measures.


Curriculum intent
Our curriculum is driven by our strong sense of moral purpose. We enable students to study the subjects, type of subject and number of subjects that are best suited to their individual needs and their personal aspirations. We strongly encourage students to study one or more foreign language and fully support a broad range of arts subjects.

Students at The Warriner are offered a broad and well balanced curriculum with opportunities for choice as they progress through the school.  In Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9), there are lessons in English, Maths, Science, Languages (French and German), Design and Technology, ICT, History, Geography, PE, Philosophy and Ethics, Art, Music, Drama and PSHE (click here to access our subject overview; to ease transition students in Year 7 are taught the Humanities subjects by a single teacher). This package of subjects is complemented by ‘enrichment’ days spread across the year when students are able to take part in rich learning experiences that do not easily fit into the normal school day.

In Key Stage 4 the number of subjects studied is reduced and students are able to choose some of the subjects they study (see KS4 options).  This personalised learning approach leads to a high level of engagement with students following courses that interest and inspire them.  Courses are offered at GCSE, BTEC, V Cert and Unit Award levels.

To find out more about each subject's curriculum please click on department pages

Exam board specifications for GCSE subjects can be found on our GCSE Exam Support page.