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The Warriner School


Warriner achieves its highest exam results for the fourth year running!

GCSE Results 2017








In this year of sweeping changes to English and Maths, it is an amazing achievement to have continued to improve our GCSE outcomes each year for four years running. Once again, these are the highest grades in the history of the school.

I would like to congratulate all of our pupils on these results. To have increased our performance again against a backdrop of harder English and Maths exams is an incredible achievement. Once again the dedication and hard work of our staff and students has paid off in the form of a superb set of grades with some amazing individual performances.  I am so proud of students, staff and parents as this has been a team effort all round.

Highlights include:
Anna Wild                         two 9s, one 8, 7A*, 1A
Kieran Wray                     two 9s, one 7, 7A*, 1A
Elliot Dyson                     one 9, one 8, one 6, 7A*, 1A
Charlotte Roberts         one 9, two 8s, 5A*, 1A, 1B
Ben Taylor                       two 9s, one 8, 4A*, 3A     


A Level Results 2017

This year we are celebrating yet another excellent set of results from The Warriner Sixth Form, once again improving on the results from last year and maintaining the year on year improvement since we opened our Sixth Form in 2013.

We are delighted with the performance of our students and are so proud of the contribution they have made to our school and the hard work they have put in to their academic studies. Our committed Sixth Form staff also gave freely of their time and expertise to support our students as much as they needed.

This wonderful set of results was achieved with a larger cohort of students and has enabled them to get their places at the University or college of their choice, or onto some extremely impressive apprenticeships.

To perform so highly again when our Sixth Form is still relatively new is quite an achievement and I owe a deep debt of gratitude to our students and their parents for putting their trust in us and to staff who worked so hard.

Dr Annabel Kay

Student Progress, Attainment and Destination Data Tables

  2015 2016 2017
Attainment 8 Score 5.22 5.35 4.6
% Grade 4 English 87 90 78
% Grade 5 English     65
% Grade 4 Maths 73 74 71
% Grade 5 Maths     44
% Achieving EBacc     18
Progress 8 Score   0.1 -0.1
% in Education/Training     99.5

A Level:

  2015 2016 2017
% A*-A 22 15 16
% A*-B 45 44 46
% A*-E 96 96 98
% in Higher Education     94
% in Employment     6
ALPS 3-Year Trend 4.89

DfE School Performance Tables website