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The Warriner School

School Transport

School Transport/ O.C.C. Concessionary Fare Application Form 2016-17 

More information can be obtained from:

School Transport 2016 - 2017 - please click to see the letter


O.C.C. in consultation with The Warriner School has agreed the following guidelines for issuing temporary and replacement bus passes:

  • If a student has lost their bus pass they can obtain a yellow temporary one from The Warriner School office
  • This pass is valid for 10 school days (2 weeks)
  • A new permanent bus pass must be obtained from O.C.C. before the temporary pass runs out*. Tel 01865 323500 Cost £10
  • *If there are extenuating circumstances then the school have the option of issuing a white Interim Warriner bus pass for a further two weeks – small charge applies i.e. £2
  • At the end of this period the student must have a permanent replacement pass issued by O.C.C. Tel. 01865 323500

Students must have their bus pass on them in order to travel on school transport. If your child has lost their bus pass, you are required to apply for a replacement immediately. If your child does not have a valid O.C.C. permanent replacement pass they may not be able to travel.

September 2015

O.C.C. School Transport  - Moving House

If you move house your eligibility for free O.C.C. School Transport may change. I refer to O.C.C. Home to School Transport Policy 2015/16, page 2, bulletin point 7, “The responsibility for determining entitlement issues rests with the School Admissions Team since transport decisions relate to the school attended. The responsibility for organising transport rests with the Customer Service Centre and the Environment and Economy Department.”

Application for Free School Transport is below.

O.C.C. Home to School Transport Policy 2015-/16 is available below.

If you are planning to move and require further information O.C.C. contact details are:

O.C.C. Admissions      Tel: 01865 816219      Fax: 01865 783198

O.C.C. Transport         Tel. 01865 323500

Leigh Barmby, School Business Manager

January 2016

Please see below documents on School Transport for students at The Warriner School.