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The Warriner School

Pastoral Care

We are very proud of the pastoral care offered to our students.  We believe that children will thrive academically if they are happy and secure individuals.  Whilst we cannot guarantee that all children will be happy for all the time that they are at school we do promise that we will work with parents/carers to do the best for their child and respond to all concerns raised.

"I am so impressed with the way staff, and in particular
tutors, relate to students." 

Parent of Year 7/Year 11 students

The Tutor System

Tutors are the focal point for all pastoral care; a dedicated tutorial session ensures a settled start to every school day. This point of regular contact is supported by the school house system which provides numerous opportunities for vertical integration throughout our community. We believe it is really important that parents/carers and staff work together to support each child. The first point of contact is usually your child’s tutor. The most common way of getting in touch is by email. Alternatively you may leave a voicemail for the tutor via the main school switchboard. 

Tutor time provides an opportunity to forge friendship groups, complete house challenges and for students to receive key school messages through the bulletin. Alongside registration, tutors complete a uniform check each morning and inform parents/careers of any issues that arise. Progress and attainment is monitored with tutors after each reporting cycle through extended tutor time sessions. Students set personal goals based on report data, which help continue to move them forward.

In addition, all students follow a detailed tutorial programme specific to their year group, which encompasses weekly assemblies and supports the PSHE curriculum. Tutor sessions aim to provide stimulating and thought provoking activities relevant and appropriate to your child’s stage of development. 

Tutor Teams 2022-2023

 Please click on the tutor name to email 

Year 7

Head of Year: Mr I Lee

Tutor Group Tutor
7-JTR Mr J Trotman
7-ABL Ms A Blythe
7-PKA Miss L Ozmutlu
7-SBR Ms S Brown
7-MHI Mrs M Hickerton
7-RGE Ms R George
7-NMC Mr N McAnulty
7-UAK Mrs U Akeh
7-ASA Mr A Savage
7-MAL Miss M Aylott

Year 8

Head of Year: Miss C Connell

Tutor Group Tutor
8-AED Mrs A Edwards
8-JJC Mr J Jackson
8-LWA Mr L Wallington
8-PCL Miss P Clarke
8-JTA Mrs J Taken
8-ECL Miss E Coleman
8-EPE Miss E Pearce
8-CMO Ms C McConnell
8-DMC Mr D McCaig
8-PTR Mr P Traore

Year 9

Head of Year: Mr J Knowles

Tutor Group Tutor
9-KMD Mrs G Martinez
9-EFO Mrs E Fovargue
9-RLE Mr R Lewis
9-CGR Ms C Greer
9-KSC Miss K Schroeder
9-GHA Ms G Hatton
9-PJA Ms B Wootton
9-DFA Mr D Farmer
9-ETH Miss E Thompson
9-LWE Mrs L Webb

Year 10

Head of Year: Miss A Maggs

Tutor Group Tutor
10-KTO Miss K Toth
10-JCO Mr J Collins
10-CSA Miss C Sands
10-CHI Miss G Goodman
10-CHO Mr C Hoad
10-JLW Ms J Lewis (MFL)
10-PGO Miss P Gomm
10-JOL Miss J Lewis (Science)
10-NHA Mrs N Hamilton and Mr P Hogben
10-JCH Mr J Chilvers

Year 11

Head of Year: Mr M Rafferty

Tutor Group Tutor
11-SEG Mrs S Glaze
11-TST Mr T Steer
11-LJR Mr L Rogers
11-CLE Miss C Lester
11-JGO Mrs J Goodall
11-JDB Mr J Burrell
11-LDR Miss L Drysdale
11-SNE Mrs S Newman
11-HMA Miss H Maclachlan

Years 12 and 13

Head of Sixth Form: Mr M Smith
Deputy Head of Sixth Form: Mrs R Campbell

Tutor Group Tutor
12-GTO Mr G Toor
12-JHE Miss J Hemmings
12-KES Mrs E Pratt
12-EKO Miss E Korniewski
13-EWE Ms E Weaver
13-HWI Miss H Williams
13-MJO Miss M Johansson
13-CJA Mrs C James