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The Warriner School


I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making the first year at Warriner such a success for my son (and me!).   The school have always been fantastically supportive and have always acted in my son's best interests.  He has had a happy year and has grown in so many ways.  He has a new found confidence that is down to you and your wonderful Year 7 team.  So, a big "well done and thank you" from me; to know your child is cared for at school is a priceless feeling.  

Every year we welcome over 250 new students to The Warriner School, beginning their secondary experience in Year 7. We do all that we can to ensure that the transition process is as smooth and effective as possibly can be, and that our newest learners feel safe and happy at The Warriner. There are a number of key events that take place from as early as April the previous year, to ensure that our new cohort of students get off to a great start:

1. PRIMARY LIAISON - Our transition team liaise closely with Primary colleagues to ensure that we receive clear and usable information on each child's academic performance, learning style, and specific needs. This helps us to build effective teaching classes and tutor groups early on

2. PEN-FRIENDS - Each of our current year 7 students pen a personal letter to a Year 6 student, welcoming them to The Warriner and informing them of all the exciting stuff that's to come! Our transition team deliver these letters to the primary schools of our new students

3. PRIMARY VISITS - During the summer term, different teaching colleagues from our transition team will come out to primary schools for a visit. Explain what Warriner life is all about, and answer some of the many questions that the young ones have!

4. INDUCTION EVENINGS - In July, new students and families are invited to a Year 6 'Induction Evening' - there are key talks in the hall, guided tours and fun 'getting to know me' activities. The students meet their Tutor Group and receive a warm welcome from key staff, most importantly their tutor

5. INDUCTION DAYS -  Later in July, new Warriner students come in for two 'Induction Days' - they get a real taste of Warriner life, attend new lessons, try out subjects they've never experienced before, and start to learn their way around. These days are so much fun, and a great way to show what to expect in September.

6. STARTING IN SEPTEMBER - New students join their new Tutor Group, and Warriner life really begins. There are 9 specialist Year 7 tutors who are experts in the transition process. Students get new timetables, new diaries, and really learn the 'Warriner way'. Lots of fun activities and challenges allow our students to figure out all the important things that happen at our big school! Excited teachers greet their new classes and begin to engage them with fun, interactive lessons.

7. SETTLING IN EVENING - During the first term, students and families are invited in for 'Settling In Evening'. We chat about what has gone well, which aspects need some attention, and look carefully at the quality of work that our Year 7s have produced at The Warriner, compared to primary school.

From the moment that a family have decided that The Warriner is the place for their child, we do everything that we possibly can to give our new students their best possible start. We are proud of our school's 'RESPONSIBLE-RESPECTFUL-READY' culture, and thoroughly enjoy welcoming our new students to join us every year. 😊

This year I started Year 7 very wobbly and was worried about making stable relationships with friends and teachers. The games and competitions this year have been great and have really helped me though. I hope next year's Year 7s are just as good. I am very grateful for all your hard work and support.

Advice from year 7 students 

"Don't worry at all because when you get there it is all fine. And on the first day there are only two year groups in school so it is very calm."

"Every night before school get your books together because you do NOT want a detention for that ! Get all of your new school uniform well in advance so you can choose the right size."

"Pack your own bag every day. You will get a lot more homework - some to be in in a few weeks time and some to be in the day after - so check Show My Homework to help to remember it."

"Pack your bag the night before and always keep a spare timetable at home as well as in your blazer pocket." 

"Be prepared for the day, make sure you have everything you need. Don’t worry too much about seeing your friends in class because you will make lots of new friends in the first few weeks."

"Have the right equipment, do your homework the night you get it, and hand it in on time!"