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The Warriner School



At secondary school homework is a vital element in the learning process. Regular, structured tasks help to reinforce learning, inform and involve parents and promote independent learning skills that become invaluable as students progress through the school. Our feedback policy promotes dialogue between students and their teachers.

We do not issue a homework timetable as such rigidity could lead to missed opportunities, but as a general rule students should be set homework approximately once every three lessons. At Key Stage Three this is usually once a week for core subjects and once a fortnight for most other subjects, with students expected to spend around 30 minutes on each task. At Key Stage Four homework frequency is usually once a week in all subjects (pro-rata for subjects taught less than five lessons a fortnight), with the expected time devoted to tasks increasing to 40-60 minutes.

We hope that all students have an appropriate space, away from distractions, in which to complete homework and that parents will encourage students to do so conscientiously and in sufficient detail. If students are struggling to complete homework at home then the Library and Study Centre offers a well-resourced and quiet environment in which to do so at break and lunchtimes.

All homework is set by teachers on Go4Schools. Go4Schools consists of a suite of different modules that enable students and their parents/carers to view their timetable, attendance information, homework tasks, progress reports, housepoints and any behaviour concerns. For more details on how to access your Go4Schools account see our IT provision page.

The Go4Schools homework module assists students in the completion of their homework by presenting tasks in an ordered list. The system ensures that each task is assigned to a specific class and has a submission deadline published.  Teachers are able to explain tasks in detail and attach resources and/or web links to support their completion.

As all homework is recorded using a central system the school can monitor the nature and frequency of homework set, and can track students' completion of homework, providing additional support where needed.

If parents have any concerns over homework they should contact their child’s tutor in the first instance.