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The Warriner School


The Warriner School Uniform

Click for important information from our uniform supplier Cross Embroidery. Those customers who know their sizes can order via click and collect. They ask customers not to turn up without an appointment or collection instructions. 

Click here to go to our information on Second Hand Uniform.

Sixth Form

Students are permitted to dress in smart-casual clothes but these must be appropriate for a working environment. For full information on the Sixth Form dress code click here.

Years 7-11

  • Branded blazers must be worn to and from school in and between lessons, can be removed during break and lunch.
  • Branded House Ties should be worn with top button done up. 7 Stripes minimum must be shown.
  • Shirts must be plain and top button done up must be tucked into skirt/trousers at all times.
  • Black v-neck Warriner jumper. Optional item; must only be worn with a blazer.
  • Plain black pleated skirt. Hems must be a maximum of 10cm above the knee.
  • Plain black opaque or flesh-coloured tights. Optional item; no knee-length socks or footless tights/leggings.
  • Plain black trousers. Regular or Slim fit (not skinny fit). Denim or corduroy trousers are not permitted.
  • Black belt. Optional item: must fit a standard belt loop and have a plain buckle.
  • Shoes Must be black and made of leather (all black leather trainers are acceptable)
  • Outer coats should be plain, one colour and functional to allow for blazers underneath. We encourage reflective outerwear for darker nights to ensure students are visible. Denim jackets and hoodies are not permitted.
  • Plain scarves may be worn to and from school. 

Students may wear uniform appropriate to the gender with which they identify.  
Any variations in uniform appropriate to different faiths should be black.

Additional Uniform Rules

Students should wear their uniform at out-of-school events or on trips that are organised by the school, or where they are representing the school (if required)

Students will be expected to wear their blazer as follows:

  • Travelling to and from school
  • To and from lessons
  • At morning break
  • In the school restaurant
  • Students may remove their blazers during lessons and at lunchtime

In Addition

  • Students may wear a maximum of one small, studded earring in each ear lobe.
  • No other piercings allowed; discreet, clear retainers only.
  • No other jewelry is allowed. A watch is permitted, Smart watches must be placed in Yondr pouches during the school day.
  • Make-up (including nail varnish) must not be worn by students in Years 7, 8 or 9. Discreet make-up is acceptable for older students (clear/neutral nail varnish only). Long, false nails or eyelashes are not permitted.
  • Hairstyles deemed inappropriate for school are not permitted. Any hair colouring should be in natural shades only.
  • Garments worn under shirts/blouses must be plain white.

Summer Uniform Variations

  • The Head of School may permit students to stop wearing their blazers or make other uniform adjustments on a particular day. This will be communicated in advance via Groupcall to parents and carers.
  • Shorts may be worn; they must be black tailored shorts (length just above the knee) only with no additional pockets.
  • The Head of School will be the final arbiter on uniform issues.

*Blazers, jumpers, ties and skirts must be sourced from the school’s supplier: Cross Embroidery or from our second hand uniform shop.

PE Kit

Compulsory Sportswear:

New PE kit is being phased in from September 2023 for all Year 7.  There is no expectation for existing students in 8-11 to buy the New PE kit, but this will replace any new purchases going forward. 

Expectations for PE – Black and orange branded polo, black branded shorts and Winter - long amber socks, Summer - short trainer white socks. Additional items to be worn white or black base layer. (Optional items black and orange windproof jacket, ¼ Zip sweatshirt and Branded black jog pants)

  • Trainers
  • Hockey/football boots 
  • One - Piece swimsuit (girls) Swimming trunks/shorts- any colour (above knee and not Bermuda style) (boys)
  • Shower towel 

Variations appropriate to faith MUST adhere to the above options.
Each individual item must be clearly marked with the student’s name.

Cross Embroidery
Units 5-6, Lower Cherwell Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire  OX16 5AY
United Kingdom 
Tel: 01295 270555

 New For You

During term time please contact Mrs Ball on Reception, for enquiries about new for you uniform. This is kept in The Warriner Learning Centre; the reception will make an appointment for you to go and take a look.

We welcome donations of good quality second hand uniform (donated skirts should be the pleated style only) and these can be dropped off at Reception. Please wash items before donating. Any monies received from new for you uniform items are used to support current fundraising projects.

All items are 50p or £1, with blazers at £5. We accept cash or cheques.

We have a particular abundance of boys shirts and trousers - all good brands - so do please think of purchasing these from us too rather than from high street stores. Whilst we introduced a new logo in 2019 we are still happy for students to wear items with the old logo if there is life in the clothes!

Come and grab a bargain! #secondhanduniform #preloved #sustainability

Additionally, Banbury Uniform Exchange, based at Hanwell Fields Community Centre receives and distributes new for you uniform free of charge. Click on the link or find them on Facebook to find out more.