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The Warriner School

Mobile Phones

We recognise that mobile technology is a feature of modern life for everyone, and that there are many benefits to responsible use of mobile phones and other devices. However, regular use of mobile device applications, especially social media, can impact negatively on learning, relationships and wellbeing, and compromise our safeguarding principles and practices.

The Warriner does not allow mobile phone use in school for students in Years 7-11; this includes at breaktimes and before/after school when on site. Should communication between home and students be necessary this should be done through our General Office. Messages received for students are delivered to them swiftly.

Should a student be caught using their mobile phone in school their phone will be confiscated and held securely in the Warriner Learning Centre until 3pm that day. If the incident is during a lesson then students may also be placed in a lunchtime detention. Repeat offences within a term result in the mobile phone being held overnight, until 3pm the following day.