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The Warriner School

Roadworks on Bloxham Grove Road: Please Read

As per the advice in my Head of School letter a few weeks ago: due to construction road works along the Bloxham Grove Road, please DO NOT use the rear car park by Reception as a drop-off or pick-up place, unless you have absolutely no alternative. There are traffic lights which are managing the traffic flow, but these are being disrupted by cars blocking the entry and exit ways of the carpark.

Staff and students have also had to witness very unpleasant scenes where car drivers have been shouting and swearing at other drivers because their frustrations have got the better of them; this is unacceptable, and we should not have to experience this on school grounds. Indeed, school staff have been shouted at in front of students. These road works are nothing to do with the school and we are trying to manage the disruption the best we can but ultimately, at the moment, there is not enough space for the usual amount of traffic and other places, or other means of transport, need to be used.