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The Warriner School

Creative Writing Young James Bond visit

Before the man became legend he was just a young man – Bond, James Bond, and his new adventures

The Warriner School creative writing group visited Sibford School to listen to Steve Cole talking about his young James Bond books. As the Bond-stories were released from copy right, the Ian Fleming Foundation asked Steve Cole to revitalise the stories of James Bond, taking the reader back to his youth – a time before Bond became the famous spy. Steve Cole’s latest novel, ‘Strike Lightning’, was published in September last year.

Steve Cole told the audience about the research he had to make before writing the novels. Cole researched all types of inventions that came about at the time of young James Bond –the 1930s- and how Bond might have used them. He related to the students and teachers how critical his readers were if he managed to put in the wrong type of gun and how they were not shy to let him know that he was wrong. This because the readers of the James Bond series have grown very fond of the famous spy and the attention to detail is therefore extra important. Students who came along on the trip described it as ‘very inspirational’ and ‘very funny, especially his interpretations’. The students were impressed by the fact that Steve Cole had published 160 books and his detailed impersonations. A lesson learnt was that not everything is what it seems – the video camera was not what it looked like – not at all.