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The Warriner School


Click here to report your child as absent.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance please contact Rebecca Lowe School Attendance Officer for support.

Good attendance matters

Attendance is high priority here at The Warriner School. We monitor individual students attendance to ensure they are accessing all available aspects of their education.

Students whose attendance is good: (97% and above)

  • Make progress and have a better understanding of lessons
  • Achieve their best results
  • Are more settled
  • Sustain friendships

Students whose attendance is unsatisfactory: (under 95%)

  • Get behind with their work
  • Do not understand lessons so well
  • Achieve lower grades than their potential indicates
  • Find it more difficult to maintain friendship groups

Parents whose children’s attendance continues to be unsatisfactory:

  • Need to support their child to feel positive about school and value their education
  • There is a legal requirement for you to ensure your child attends regularly
  • Need to contact school to discuss any difficulties so an action plan can be put into place
  • Can be fined
  • May be asked to provide medical evidence for each period of absence''

When can I keep my child away from school?

The school can authorise an absence in the following circumstances:

  • Genuine illness
  • A family crisis
  • Religious observance

Medical appointments should be made outside of school hours. Where this is not possible, students should attend at least one session (morning or afternoon) dependent on the appointment time. Please ensure you keep the school up to date regarding any appointments.

These reasons are NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • Shopping                            
  • Oversleeping                     
  • Having a birthday             
  • Looking after younger siblings
  • Staying at home for deliveries/workmen
  • School refusing

Special leave

From 1st September 2013, the law gives NO entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday during term time. Any application for leave must only be made in exceptional circumstances and the Headteacher must be satisfied that the circumstances are exceptional and warrant the granting of leave. The request for school leave form is available from the general office, or can be downloaded here.

Please see the letter dated 04/10/21 - click here

If a student arrives late to school

It is important students are on time for school as lateness causes disruption to lessons and missed learning time, it can also make students feel unnecessarily anxious.

If a student arrives after attending an appointment, they should sign in at the General Office. Prior notification of the appointment needs to be advised.

Students arriving late with no reason must sign in at the General Office and will be given a late mark, and punctuality will be monitored by the attendance officer and Heads of Year. A late detention may be given; continued lateness will result in the student being placed on report and contact home.

What does good attendance mean?

97% to 100% attendance – when a student arrives on time and attends every lesson every day.

What does unsatisfactory attendance mean?

  • Attending 95% of the time or less. This will have a serious impact on learning
  • One day's absence every two weeks will give 90% attendance
  • Continual lateness to registration and lessons
  • Students need to be in school for the first bell at 8.25am.

What should parents do if their child is absent?

Call the Absence Reporting line on 01295 720777 or email

The telephone line has an answer phone and is available twenty-four hours a day. Please state clearly your child’s name, tutor group and reason for absence and please note that we require a call each morning of a student’s absence.

Please note that we do not have a 48-hour sickness rule. We leave it to parental discretion as to whether a student is well enough for school.

The school sends an automated text to parents where a call has not been received regarding absence. If your child is absent and we have not had any communication from you we may notify them to the police as missing.

If your child has a medical condition or a recurrent issue (e.g. asthma, headaches), we can keep medication in school if this is helpful to you.  Please click here for our medical information form.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance please contact Rebecca Lowe School Attendance Officer for support.