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The Warriner School

Camps International - 2017

Borneo 2017 - Team Dangol

About Borneo

  • Borneo has a population of 16 million and is home to roughly 200 ethnicities
  • Half of the world’s global timber acquisition comes from Borneo. In 1975, 73.7% of the country was covered in rainforest. Now, only 50.5% is covered.
  • Borneo’s home to Mount Kinabalu – the highest peak in South East Asia.
  • The Borneo rainforest has an estimated age of 130 million years, making in the oldest rainforest in the world.

Camps International Aims

Kindergarten development:

  • Creating a play area and Landscaping
  • Plastering, painting and decorating
  • Installing water storage and piping systems

Local community area development:

  • Creating a market square for community events
  • Making a drainage system to prevent flooding
  • Building walls/steps to improve mobility

Habitat conservation- Reforestation of the jungle:

  • Tree collection
  • Replanting trees
  • Wildlife monitoring

Personal Aims

  • Help others living in worse conditions
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Experience new things- new cultures, new foods, different aspects of living
  • Integrate with new people

Fundraising for the Trip

  • Had to raise £4000 for a trip
  • Fundraising methods- car wash, personal sponsors, 24 hour events, part time jobs

Basic living

  • Accommodation- longhouses, hostels, community areas, jungle canopy
  • Sleeping- beds, mats, medical beds, hammocks, mosquito nets
  • Food- rice/noodles, beef/fish, vegetable, fruit for dessert
  • Drink- water, rehydration drink
  • Washing- Hand washing clothes, bucket showers

What we did

  • Concreting-Market square, walls, drainage system
  • Restoration- working to rebuild the local school and kindergarten
  • Reforestati0n- collection and replantation of trees
  • Teaching the local schoolchildren
  • Jungle trek
  • Cultural activities- local songs and dances, bracelet making
  • Relaxation days- sandakan memorial, snorkelling, boat cruises, fish spa
  • Around camp- card playing, performances, river swimming

Best Bits

Click here for more photos from the trip