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The Warriner School

Pastoral and Engagement Support

Pastoral and Engagement Support

Our philosophy and ethos to behaviour management are to repair and restore through relational and restorative practise.  At the same time, we recognise that firm and clear boundaries are an important part of this restorative process.  

With this in mind we are committed to providing high quality pastoral and engagement support and have developed a structure with Assistant Heads of Year who work closely with Heads of Year for their respective Year group.  

The Assistant Heads of Year are non-teaching support staff, and their offices are in the main admin block and The Warriner Learning Centre.  Below are the current Assistant Heads of Year for 2023-24.

Mrs Jules Stuart - Assistant Head of Year 7 (Main Admin block)

Ms Yvonne Graizevsky - Assistant Head of Year 8 (WLC)

Mr Daniel Bunce - Assistant Head of Year 9 (WLC)

Miss Ellen Arthur - Assistant Head of Year 10 (Main Admin block)

Mr Brett Hawkes - Assistant Head of Year 11 (Main Admin block)