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The Warriner School

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Subject Leader

Miss H Williams

The Team

Miss C Buckenham, Head of Sixth Form

Mrs G Burch, Associate Assistant

Headteacher Mr S Hollies, Head of Geography

Miss R Richards Mrs E Viviani,

Deputy Subject Leader (Maternity Leave)


Philosophy and Ethics and PSHE are subjects that are interesting, inspiring and relevant to students' own lives and decisions.  Phil & Ethics, as we like to call it, meets the statutory requirement for all schools to provide Religious Education, but the subject is not exclusively about religion. Its purpose is not to promote any particular faith but to understand more about ourselves, the world in which we live and, most importantly, the people with whom it is shared. Furthermore, Phil & Ethics lessons encourage students to engage in healthy and lively debate, present reasoned arguments and to respectfully question ideas and issues.  From the beginning of Year 7 we encourage students to think critically and creatively! In PSHE we aim, through discussion-based, active lessons, for students to feel enabled to confidently make healthy and informed choices in life. Lessons are supported by a range of fun and practical resources.

Key Stage 3 

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Key Stage 4

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Other information 

Students in Year 8 have the opportunity to visit the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir in Neasden during the March Collapsed Timetable Days. We access a range of outside agencies and community groups to enhance learning. We have particularly close links with the School Health Nurse, Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service and the A21: 'Bodies are not Commodities' Campaign.

From Year 9 students have the opportunity to participate in the 'Ready or Not Tot' parenting simulation project.

We encourage all students to keep abreast of current issues relevant to the subject through accessing the news and topical broadcasts.