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The Warriner School

Modern Foreign Languages

Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Department

Subject Leader

Mr P Traore

Introduction to the Department

Languages are really important in the world we live in and give you great skills for the rest of your life. The internet has brought everyone much closer together so chatting, blogging and networking with people of different languages from all over the world is dead easy. Imagine all the other people you could communicate with and all the amazing places you could travel to or work at and all because you can speak their language. So log onto the world’s real social network and learn languages at GCSE!

KEY Stage 3

Year 7: all students learn French for six hours each fortnight.

Year 8: students continue with French and most also begin to learn German as well, giving three hours to each language every fortnight.

Year 9: continues the pattern of Year 8.  This ensures that the great majority of our pupils are ready to being the study of either French or German to GCSE.

Key Stage 4 

French and German are popular choices at Key Stage 4.  

Examination Information 

GCSE                                                           A Level
AQA                                                               AQA

Other Information

Year 9 & 10 German Exchange and French Exchange
Year 8 Trip to Aachen Christmas Market
Year 7 Trip to France