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The Warriner School

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Welcome to the PSHE Department!

Subject Leader

Miss H Williams

The Team

Mrs G Burch, Assistant Headteacher

Mrs R Campbell

Miss E Thompson

Miss K Toth



Our Curriculum Intent

Personal, Social, Health Education is a vital part of a young person’s development. Our curriculum, through all Key Stages, is designed to encourage students to flourish as individuals and in their relationships. Our overarching goal is to enable our students to become good citizens that contribute positively to our school and society.

The philosophy behind our curriculum is equipping students with knowledge and tools to enable them to make healthy, positive and informed choices for their own lives. From the moment students join us in Year 7 our lessons actively encourage healthy debate and understanding of different perspectives. Diversity and difference are embraced; we make a point of teaching lessons that mirror/reflect the make-up of society. At each Key Stage the curriculum reflects the journey of our young people to support their own understanding of themselves as well as the wider community in which we live.

Individual lessons and Schemes of Learning focus on building healthy relationships of all natures, including family, friendships and romantic. Throughout lessons key personal skills such as self-esteem, confidence and respect are both taught explicitly and promoted implicitly. 

Our Curriculum Implementation

Year 7 : Coping with Change; Learning to Learn; Puberty and Adolescence
Year 8: Personal Safety: Home, School and In-Between; The Use and Mis-use of Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco; Knives and Guns; Self Esteem, Mental Health and Wellbeing; Bullying.
Year 9: Sex and Relationships; Parenthood; Exploitation and Human Trafficking