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The Warriner School

Revision Links

Please find below links that the students will find useful information to revise for their exams. Please note that this is a "work in progress" page - we hope to have more links on here shortly - please click the relevant subject, which will take you to their links:



Crash course Psychology:

Learndojo (linked to Loopa): great summaries of topics:

Miss Earle Psychology: videos


Psychbug: Free mind maps, ppt of whole topic:

Psychology4a: Quick summary of a topic and studies:

Revision world: Breakdown of what to learn for each topic:

SenacaLearning: (Partly free - premium for more detailed):

Simplypsychology:  Including exam technique

Tutor2U revision quizzes:

Tutor2U revision Videos/Webinars:

AQA Past papers:


For A level the below link has a range of free downloadable past papers: