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The Warriner School

From Industry to Public Sector Success

Mr Alexander Savage, previous Industry experience and Teacher of Science.

“The ethos of science today seeks to explore the material world through established theory explained by a knowledge-based curriculum.”

My Science background has been diverse, having first studied Chemistry and then Environmental Science at Newcastle University.  Following this, I worked in industry, before moving to the public sector. 

In industry, I worked for a bioscience company, GFC Diagnostics, which developed and delivered point of care tests for antibiotic resistance. The Bill Gates Foundation was a major client whilst I worked at the company. The company’s main product is a test that detects the presence of antibiotic drugs, which patients take to reduce multi-drug resistance in Tuberculosis. I was also involved in a R&D programme to develop rapid tests for the detection of the so-called super bug MRSA, these kits have been exhibited as part of a display at the London Science Museum.

I have also worked in a lab-based environment with Endeavour Chemicals, producing ester compounds for the perfume and food additives industry.

Overall, my time in industry has provided me with a greater understanding of the practical applications of science. My passion has now pivoted towards inspiring and educating the younger generation about science and its applicability as a career. 

As a teacher, I have worked at The Warriner School, providing pupils with a practical approach to science following my experience in industry. At The Warriner I teach KS3, KS4, and A-Level science with a particular focus on Chemistry and Animal Care. Teaching at The Warriner School is an incredibly rewarding profession, which has enabled me to work alongside highly experienced individuals. Additionally, the school provides me with opportunities to diversify and excel in different areas that utilise personal skills and talents.