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The Warriner School

Silver DofE - Year 11

Silver - Year 11 - YOU CAN DO THIS!

We have 27 Year 10 students who have enrolled for Silver - congratulations for signing up.  Well done all for completing your Bronze DofE in difficult times. 

It is very exciting that we have planned the Silver practice expedition to take part later this month.  The students will be using this as a Silver practice expedition, but it will also count for their Bronze assessment expedition so that they can gain the full award.

The most important message for the students doing Silver, is if you intend to do Gold DofE either with The Warriner School, or another school, then it is important that you complete the 3 sections to receive your Certificate of Achievement - this will mean that you will do your Gold without having to do an EXTRA 6 months of one section because you haven't got your Silver.  So, try and tick away with your Silver, to get the sections finished in order to start recording your activities for Gold as soon as you are 16.  Think about this now, to fully commit to Silver! (A bonus point for Gold is that you have until your 25th birthday to complete the award).

As you have only just enrolled for Silver, you are at the first stage of your activities.  PLEASE REMEMBER - Please keep recording your weekly activities on your activity logs.

PLEASE remember to check your Communications/Messages on the top right of your eDofE page - if there is a number in red, it means that you need to read the message and it may explain why I haven't approved something.

Please consider using the DofE Mobile App as this makes it easy to upload information straight to your eDofE:

WHERE Do you start?

  • Load the mobile app above, if you are able to.
  • Your enrolment date will be 1st January 2021.  However, you can't start a section, if you hadn't completed it by that date at Bronze level.  (e.g. if you finished your Physical section on 1/2/21 for Bronze, you can't start your Physical section for Silver until after that date - you can backdate the others if you have evidence to support)
  • Choose the activities that you want to do for each section - complete the Silver planner, if it makes it easier for you, or if you want to send it to me to check first, that is fine.  This planner is for those who have already done Bronze - please note direct entrants have to do 6 extra months on one section
  • You can put the starting date for your activities back to 1st January 2021, as long as you have evidence that you were doing the activities on your activity log
  • Send your planner to Mrs Wood on eDofE and ask me to approve it
  • Start your activities and log them weekly on the activity logs;
    Voluntary, Physical and Skill
  • YOUR PARENTS sign/initial your activity log, BUT they cannot be your assessor.  Please put your tutor, teacher, or neighbour, family friend down.  The assessor has to be over 18 and cannot be a member of your family
  • If you are doing the same activity as your Bronze, please try and develop it.  At Silver, we would expect you to stretch yourself by making a recipe book if doing cooking, or taking out a map and doing some navigating whilst doing walking, or with litterpicking perhaps try and encourage other villagers to be aware of the litter by making posters etc.

problems with choosing an activity due to lockdown

Please do not worry.  There are lots of different activities that you can do - it may even be a new one, but it may be the focus that helps you through lockdown:

Remember your parents can sign your activity log, but cannot be your assessor - Tutors, teachers and neighbours will be happy to do so.



Finished Activities - Assessor Report Required

You do not need to get your paper assessors page, from your participants pack signed by your assessor. This can be done via email:

  • Upload your activity logs to your eDofE page and any other evidence that you have.
  • Email your assessor with the evidence and the activity logs. Please note, the assessor does not have access to your eDofE area.  Also, email them the following information filling in the relevant information to identify what they are assessing:
  • Website Link to send to assessors with the details below:
    Participants ID Number:  XXXXXXXX
    Level:  Silver
    Section:  Voluntary, Physical or Skill
  • The assessor will complete the report online and this will come straight to me.  I will check that I can see your activity log and assessors report and sign off the section.  Do this for each of the three sections to complete your Certificate of Achievement

Any Problems - ask for help!

Mrs Wood will help answer any questions:
*  Email - - best for longer questions so that I can list what to do!
*  Message me on eDofE - although only quick messages which require short answers as there is a limit to what I can put here!  (If I query any evidence, the reason will be sent to your messages from me).
*  When we are back at school, I work in Reprographics.  We hope that when it is safe to do so, we can meet for DofE expedition training.  

Silver expedition and training

It is important that you continue with your sections, so that you receive your Certificate of Achievement, even though we have the expedition planned.  If you do your three sections, you will at least be recognised for the award, without doing the expedition.  
Training is taking place, but if you would like to find out some expedition tips, please check out your eDofE, under resources for more details.

OVerload of information to help with dofe

I apologise for a lot of information, but the students are all at different levels, so I am trying to focus on the main problems that students and parents are emailing me with. It is absolutely no problem to email me: - if I am honest, email me if you have a problem, we can sort it out quite quickly this way.
I would like to think that DofE may give the students some focus to do during lockdown, which will give them something different to do other than school work and to use the time wisely at the weekends.  I am sure that the voluntary activities make a massive impact to the community, friends and elderly and no doubt the students have brightened their day and helped them through this difficult time.  Perhaps consider continuing with the voluntary activity, even if you have it signed off with DofE?
The Warriner School DofE staff team are looking forward to working with you on your Silver DofE journey - if you communicate and ask for help, you will find that the award will be much more straightforward!



Thank you also to the members of staff who are assessing the students

and running training sessions when they can.

Mrs Wood and The Warriner School DofE Team - June 2021