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The Warriner School



We expect all students to behave in a courteous, mature way at all times during the school day and when representing the school at other times.

In the event of repeated or serious misconduct, the school’s academic and pastoral discipline routes will be implemented.

Driving Lessons

No lessons are to be taken in school time under any circumstances. TYou must inform your tutor and the Head of Sixth Form of the time of driving tests well in advance.

Emergency Contact

There are inevitably times when the school needs to contact a parent urgently – on occasions of sudden illness, for example. It is of critical importance to supply the school with reliable emergency phone numbers, and TO INFORM THE SCHOOL IMMEDIATELY OF ANY CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS.

Mobiles and Music

Use of mobile phones is restricted to the Sixth Form Centre Common Room ONLY and must not be used around the school under any circumstances.

Personal music systems, e.g. iPods, mp3 players, may be used in the Sixth Form Centre providing they do not disturb anybody else. Students must not walk around school listening to music or with headphones visible.

Part Time Work

Many students already have outside part-time jobs. These should occupy only a few hours each week. A maximum of nine hours per week is the national recommendation. Some time for recreation is needed as well as time to give to the proper study of A Levels. Two to three hours of homework each evening should be expected, five nights a week, and students should study on their own, reading widely around their subject and using time at weekends to make sure the week’s work has been thoroughly mastered. The most successful A Level students spend between fifteen and twenty hours each week on their studies outside school time.